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News 260 : Kyokuyo's BCP Now Certified ... and further working on new version, too

In recent years, we have more and more environmental disasters like typhoons or torrential rains probably because of the global warming. What's worse here, scientists are worried about the possibility of "Tokyo Inland Earthquake", which may directly hit the metropolitan areas, or "Nankai Trough Earthquakes", huge ones, which will occur on the Pacific side of the south Japan sometime in the future. And how about the heavy snow ? tornadoes ? volcanic eruptions ? virus outbreak ? Our concerns are endless.

News 260 : Kyokuyo's BCP Now Certified ... and further working on new version, too

Such natural disasters could have a significant impact not only on the management of individual businesses, but on the entire supply chain in the country as well. For this reason, the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Japan has presented the bill for the "Act on Strengthening of the Small & Medium Enterprises" to the National Assembly, at aim of encouraging advance preparation for disasters. The bill was passed on last May and enforced on July 16, 2019.

BCP certification logoThis law introduced a system by which the government certifies the business continuity plan (BCP) of a company, and provides a series of benefits and supports to those firms with an approved BCP. We then wasted no time in applying for it to Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. And voilà ! Our BCP is now certified by the Government !

But we don't stop here. Kyokuyo is now working on a more complete version of the BCP which, based on the existing 'certified' one, will put more focus on i) prioritizing human life over anything else - protecting the lives of employees, customers and contractors ; and ii) minimizing the impact on employees, customers and suppliers by maintaining the business' competitive advantage.

In addition to creating the plan, we will also routinely test, audit and maintain it to ensure its effectiveness and up-to-dateness. In any case, we will do our utmost to protect the lives of each member of "Team Kyokuyo" including our employees.


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... and further working on new version, too

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