Area 57,674m2, total floor area 17,761m2

Drydock No.1 (Newbuilding guideline: 9,990GRT) 155.00m(L) x 23.50m(W) x 8.10m(D)
Drydock No.2 (Repair: 6,900GRT) 125.00m(L) x 21.40m(W) x 8.10m(D)


No.1 50m, No.2 152m, No.3 80m (All the berths have a depth of min. 6m, max. 10m)

Total 22 cranes, consisting of :
Jib Cranes 1 x 120t/2 x 60t/1 x 30t/2 x 20t
Goliath Cranes 1 x 15t/1 x 15t
Overhead Travelling Cranes 1 x 30t, 1 x 60t, 5 x 10t

Total 21 Grinders, including :
6m Lathes, Capstan Lathes, Radial Drilling Machines

Total 500 Steel Processing Machines, including :
NC Plasma Cutters, frame-brainers, Union Mates, Line welders, Automatic Welders, Eye-Tracers, Angle-Benders, Pipe-Benders, etc.

Others : Air Compressors, Pumps, Ventilation Fans, etc.


Our factory has the best size for manufacturing our product lines.

Plain layout on a square land, free of geographical restrictions, contributes well to our optimization of the whole building process, as well as to the control of the product quality.

Kyokuyo is located at Shimonoseki, close to many important ports like Hakata (Fukuoka), Wakamatsu, Yawata, Moji, Ube, Kanda, Hiroshima, Kobe, Osaka, Busan... to name a few. Your ship may call at our shipyard with a minimal deviation.

We are going to introduce our newbuilding facilities, repairing facilities and other facilities including accommodations in separate pages. Also, you can examine our location with a map.

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Raad voor Accreditatie : RvA - MGMT SYS. RvA C116