Reefer Carriers
Key Features
We have built many refrigerated cargo carriers. In the last decade, 23 units of middle size ships of between 200,000ft3 and 400,000ft3 sailed out from our building berth. As reputed reefer builder, we have been and will be keeping the sufficient capacities of designing and manufacturing to satisfy the highest requirement standard of our customers, including major international fruits operators.

To preserve the freshness of cargoes in the most stable air condition is an absolute must for a reefer carrier. At design stage, we routinely use airflow simulations to optimize the movement of air inside the holds so that cargo damage can not by any possibility be caused by uneven temperature distribution.

In addition to taking full advantage of our accumulated know-how, which was further enhanced by building 6 units of ultra low temperature (-50C) reefers, we have organized joint-research projects with cooling plant manufacturers and thermal insulation specialists to realize a reliable and efficient cooling system unique to us.

Another characteristic to our reefer is high "floor area ratio" that we have been seeking since long for better pallet friendliness. Our latest achievement is "C-431F" 400,000ft3 type model. Its total floor space of 4,770m2 aroused wide interest in the shipping industry.

Our best selling 200,000-240,000ft3 series are globally acknowledged as handy "frozen cargo max". As result of our ceaseless effort to implement ideas from owners and operators, we believe that our newest model is the world's best reefer/tender boat.

Using our designing capability and invaluable feedbacks from our customers, we are constantly improving the existing models and developing new designs, including high speed but energy saving model with low revolution type diesel engine and big diameter type propeller. It's no wonder the first ship accorded "CA" (Controlled Atmosphere) notation from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai was built by Kyokuyo.

You may download product specifications of our latest reefer lineup in "design" page. Brief introduction of ships we built is available in "records" page.

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