Key Features

The city of Shimonoseki, where we are located, has turned out many famous tanker owners. We worked our business up in this town, gaining our first reputation as good ship builder from those tanker men. Thereafter, we cultivated our own skills through building a lot of tankers as our building record shows. In our spirit, the tanker has always been our most basic product.

More recently, we built an ultra high-tech tanker for coastal service, equipped with many innovative features like fully automated cargo loading system, one-person bridge control system and joystick ship maneuvering system. It was a showcase of our technologies.

We were feeling very sorry not to be able to take up many tanker projects in the last decade, being completely occupied in building container carriers or reefer vessels. But finally, in 2001, we decided to return to tanker sector with our newly expanded maximum building capacity guideline* of 9,300GRT. We are pleased to report that we have successfully made a come back with 16,500tdw type chemical/product carriers.

Now, we can build product carriers of upto 19,000tdw. It is planned to introduce more product carrier and chemical tanker models and promote them in future. They should be sophisticated designs unique to Kyokuyo. Stay tuned !

For more details about product lineup and download of specifications, see "design" page. Updated list of the ships we built with brief introduction of some of them are in "records" page.
For details about maximum building capacity guideline, see our "company info" page.

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Raad voor Accreditatie : RvA - MGMT SYS. RvA C116