Container Carriers
Key Features

Modern history of the marine transportation is the history of containerization. Such cargoes as nobody imagined traveling in containers before, like mechanical parts, or fresh and frozen foods, are now routinely shipped in containers for rationalization of the seaborne trade.

To carry more containers, faster, more efficiently and more economically - demands from the shipping companies never stop. By continuously developing technologies to apply to their needs in the 3 most important aspects starting with "S" [Speed - Storage - Strength], Kyokuyo Shipyard has gained a solid reputation as a container carrier building expert.

With full support and trust by our valuable customers, we have built as many as 22 container ships since only 7 years. We especially feel proud of the fact that all the 15 orders were placed by reputable international operators for their own core fleet. It reflects, we believe, our customers' strong confidence in our technical capability and flexibility to build vessels which exactly meet operators' own know-how and trading patterns.

In 2001, we became the first non-major Japanese shipyard to complete air-cooled type full refrigerated container carriers. Our container ships are full of our own technologies, from the structure to the details. Typical characteristics are :

  • Original lines enabling ship to run faster and with less fuel


  • Ultra high loading efficiency and tower type bridge securing good visibility from the navigation room
  • "High cube" type containers can be loaded in holds
  • Hatchcovers that may open/close in non-sequential manner
  • Sophisticated monitoring system that allows ship to load or monitor reefer containers no matter if the containers are fitted with modem


  • Efficient bulbous bow form for navigation in rough seas and overall ship construction with extra margin of strength

We will keep developing and building high standard container carriers, using our accumulated know-how.

You may download leading specifications of our latest designs in design section. Our building record is available in records page.

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