Our Advantages

open-minded company
Unlike other typical Japanese shipbuilders, we are ready to receive international orders from our valuable customers across the globe. Communication skills, overall response quickness and our financial strength make it possible for us to conduct international transactions with you, directly. In the last 5 years, no less than 89% of total orders came across the sea.

high building standard
Through the business and building experiences over decades with our international and domestic customers, we have acquired an invaluable treasure that is our solid reputation for holding high building standard. All of us are determined to make the best efforts to keep it, or strengthen it further. No wonder we are the first to obtain the ISO9001 certificate among the Japanese small to middle-size shipbuilders.

superior ship design abilities
We have been investing a lot in the ship designing. Now, our design team is one of the biggest - and probably the most talented - among shipbuilders of our size. We know how to flexibly and efficiently respond to your demands for more sophisticated and economical ships.

tackling environmental issues
We certainly are a heavy industries company, but we definitely do not want to be called a "smokestack" company. Sharing with you the same concerns over the global environmental issues, we have started our preparation for the ISO14001 certification, in order to minimize harmful effects on the environments.

approved by the government as being innovative
In October 2000, we became the first shipbuilding company to be named by the Japanese Government as "Innovative Corporation". Now we are eligible for variable governmental subsidies and preferential treatment accorded only to the approved companies. At the same time, we set our new "5 years management innovation plan" in order to improve our performance further.

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